Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here We Go

After years of beading and crafting I stopped for several years. I had lots of things going on.
But now, my life is settled, I am remarried to a wonderful man, Gary, and together we are working on creating things. For me it is bead work. That is and always will be my first love when it comes to creating. I started 18 years ago and it has always been an amazing journey.
Now you other beaders know that 18 years of beading you can sure fill your life up with lots and lots of beads. Good thing they never go bad on you. I am working on setting up a new area for working . Had to pull all my beads out from where I stored them and wow I can hardly move thru my living room. But hopefully I will be able to get them all sorted out.
I went to Michaels the other day for one item to find out they where having a 50% off sale on so many things that where bead related and storage. Gary and I cleaned out two towns worth of storage stuff. And I will still need more. ..oh me anyone free to come help organize...hehehehe..

Ok enough about all of that.

Let me tell you what my plans are for this blog.
1. To show friends and family that are far away what I am upto with my work.
2. To share with other beaders ideas and concepts.
3. To make new friends in the bead world.
4. To get involved in some of the amazing challengs I see so many others doing on their blogs.
5. Hopefully coming up with a weekly or monthly idea as a challenge for anyone that would like to join in.

Well, With all of that said.. Lets get this Blog going. Hope to hear from other beaders soon.

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