Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Earrings..I do love earrings...

Well I am coming to the end of all those pictures Gary took for me of some of my recent work..
So I thought I would pull out the Earrings I did. I used a pattern from an older Bead and Button, and I can't remember which one.. it doesn't help when you have almost ever B&B ever printed..
I have to admit I got carried away I can't even remember how many sets of these I made . He didn't take pics of all of them.  Ok here is another one..Oh yeah if you click on the pics in my  blog anywhere they will enlarge for you.

How about some bronze beads with some firey red to orange fire polish beads..

Yet another set..I told you I got carried away..

Well like I said I did a lot and these sure aren't all of them..but they are an example of what I was up to.

I promise when I find the B&B I got these out of I will post that...
Happy Beading

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