Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Happened??

How did it get all the way to Sunday and I didn't post. Well I was planning for my father-in-laws and husbands combined Birthday Dinner. Ok all I had to do was make calls and reserve a place at the resteraunt..but it sounded like a good excuse. I was beading and lost track of time. That is the real reason. I was trying my hand at some different things. I need to get hubby to take some more pics for me today. So I can show you at least part of what I was up to.
But until then, Let me show you more of what he took before.
Ok once again, I was working out of Bead and Button or  Beadworks ..can't remember. I need to start leaving myself Post It notes on this stuff... This set, if the bracelet fits is going to Gary's beautiful daughter Sabrena. She has such a tiny wrist.

As you can see I got carried away with this design. I had to make 3 of them and still want to do more. So when I find the pattern I promise to tell you where it is. I do love it..I made all 3 of these in one day. So it really does work up quickly.

Ok only a few more of the last patch of pics I have to get him busy..don't I.

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