Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Challenge to myself

Well ladies I decided to give myself a challenge. After over 15 years of beading I have accumulated lots of beads and well you know all the goodies that go along with it. I have magazines and books I have never done a thing out of.  So I decided it was time for a challenge. My short time goal is to do this until the end of the year, then see how I feel about it. Well here goes the challenge.
BTW, feel free to join in if you would like.
Each week, I start with either, a necklace, bracelet or earring set. Once I am finished with it. I will do one of the others. So each week, I do a necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings. They do not have to be a set. But they do need to be beaded, I say that because I am also doing some stringing and I can do all of that in one day. So the challenge is about stitched work. The second part of the challenge. At least one piece has to come from an old magazine. Mine you I have almost ever B&B except #1. Also I have many years worth of Beadworks. Last rule of my challenge for me was I have to finish one project before I start a new one. Ok with that all done. I go to my stash of unfinished projects, I have them all in pencil boxes, grab a box without looking , sit down with it and make a decision, keep or undo.  If I keep it, then it is the project I will work on until finished. Then I start the whole process over. This is just my way to tackle my HUGE stash of beads.
Well believe it or not, I finished a netted bag from a very  old B&B, 1998, this one was a repeat because it was the very first piece I ever finished. So I thought it would be a good one to start on and I just love it.
I had to have earrings to go with the bag. Not saying , just saying, how could I NOT!!!
Next a more recent mag gave me a lovely bracelet to create. Lastly, the bracelet idea gave me the idea to take a section of it and make a pair of earrings so I did.
Well after that was all said and done I grabbed a box from my stash, I should have taken a before pic..shame I didn't, but it had two projects, one I decided to rip apart, the other I am going to finish. The ripping was a real pain as it is a cab and it was almost done, but I realized the reason I had never finished it was I hated the colors I chose, but I love the cab, beautiful rose quartz. It took me all day to get it apart. The other piece is a bag I had done from a pattern I don't think I have anymore and it was done all but a strap and closing the bottom. For now I am posting this just because I want to do this at least each Saturday or Sunday. Perhaps more.

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