Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Camera and New Pics

Well my camera just died on me and my sweet Hubby took me shopping today for a new one. So I decided I would try my hand at taking pictures myself. Well he did some instructing but I did it. So finally there are pics on my last post and some for this post too. All I can say is Yay and Stuff.

Well let me fill you in on how my challenge is going. Last week I made a bracelet, earrings, and the bag/necklace. I tore apart an old piece and put the beads away. I promise from now on I will take pictures of what I tear up.. Ok that seems odd, but I will do it anyway.

This week things didn't go as planned, well the best laid plans of mice and beaders.  However I had a very productive week, the piece that I didn't tear up is now a finished amulet bag and I have a pair of earrings to go with it.
Let me show you.

Well with that all done I attacked my new stash of soutache that I had just received on Wednesday and I watched ever video I could find and read so many blogs and post about soutache I think I now have a small idea of what I am doing. I don't have pictures to show you all yet but I am working away one it and having a blast.
OH YEAH, I forgot to tell you guys, my hubby who never ceases to amaze me has been playing around with making some jewelry.  He created a pair of earrings but he couldn't get them to go together the way he thought he could so, I asked him could I try it by beading them with fireline and well Let me show you his design. I wear them proudly.

Ok well now that I have a camera and I am determined to learn to use it, you guys might get to see lots more stuff.


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