Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shopping trip

Well I do believe I have the bestest hubby in all the world. A friend of mine told me about a local shop that sales Lucite flowers. At this point she only sales at shows, she was even at B&B , and here locally. But she is talking about putting up an Etsy shop. Well my hubby told me to shop all I wanted for my BD. You can't believe how one bag of flowers can add up to $$$$$ but it does. I won't say what I spent, but oh my I was shocked.
Well here is the awesome stash.

Poured out onto my bed to do pics.....

Then all organized
Box 1

Box 2
Box 3 mostly leaves
Box 4

I have to admit this was a fun shopping trip and I have so many ideas floating around in my head of what to do with these. They are so pretty, so soft to touch.



  1. Box 4 looks like gummy worms! Beautiful and tasty...My favorite is your collection of greens.