Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hasn't been my year YET...

I started this year with big plans. I discussed them with my wonderful husband and he was so supportive. A few days into the new year I stood up from my chair and was walking toward him when suddenly I couldn't move. He caught me and held onto me as I cried in more pain than I thought was possible. I believed it would go away and insisted that if I could just lay down I would be okay. The next morning I was on my way to the ER. Sciatica was what they said I had. Lot of pain medication and several hours later I was back home in bed and that was the case for so many weeks I lost track. My doctor told me there was nothing that would help. However she did send me to someone else who immediately started me on another med that WORKED. Within days I was able to sit up and move out of the bedroom. I am still not 100% back. I have okay days and not so okay days. But I am a fighter, I refuse to allow this to take away my joy of beading. With the help of my husband we have a new set up for me for beading. I have also started doing some freeform crochet that I hope to play around with in my beadwork. We will see.
I hope this year has been better for those of you that check in on my blog.
I also hope to get some pictures up soon.
No pics for today, but  there will be soon.

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